Dance Photos

Hardgrave Photography will be at our studio located at 2007 South Arkansas Ave on April 1 & 2, 2017 to take group and individual photos of our dancers, acrobats, & aerialists. Please print the following form and fill out for each individual who will be photographed. Please refer to the schedule below for your schedule photo time.

Photo Order Form for Printing 

Photo Price List 

Printable Photo Day Schedule

Saturday, April 1st

9:00am – Kids Hip Hop Group Photo (Monday 5:30pm class)

9:15am – Individual Photos

9:45 am – Hip Hop Group Photo (Monday 6:30pm class)

10:00am – Individual Photos

10:30am – ballet/tap/jazz group (Tuesday 4:00pm class)

10:45am – ballet/tap/jazz individuals

11:15am – ballet/tap/jazz group (Tuesday 5:30pm class)

11:30am – ballet/tap/jazz individuals

12:00pm – Lunch Break

1:00pm – ballet/tap/jazz group (Monday 4:00pm class)

1:15pm – ballet/tap/jazz individuals

1:45pm – ballet/tap/jazz group (Thursday 4:00pm class)

2:00pm – ballet/tap/jazz individuals

2:30pm – ballet/tap group (Thursday 6:30pm class)

2:45pm – ballet/tap individuals

3:00pm – ballet/tap/tumbling group (Monday 3pm class)

3:15pm - ballet/tap/tumbling individuals

3:30pm – ballet/tap/tumbling group (Thursday 5:30pm class)

3:45 pm – ballet/tap/tumbling individuals

4:15pm - ballet/tap/tumbling group (Friday 5:30pm class)

4:30pm - ballet/tap/tumbling individuals


Sunday, April 2nd

12:00pm – Adult Aerials & Instructors

1:00pm – Beg Acro/Aerials (Friday 4:30pm class)

1:15pm – Beg Acro/Aerials Individuals

1:30pm – Beg Acro/Aerials (Friday 6:30pm class)

1:45pm – Beg Acro/Aerials Individuals

2:15pm - Beg Acro/Aerials (Wednesday 4:00pm class)

2:30pm - Beg Acro/Aerials Individuals

3:00pm - Int.  Acro/Aerials group (Wednesday 5:00pm class)

3:15pm – Int. Acro/Aerials individuals

3:45pm – Competition Team Groups/Individuals



Recital Video Form

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