Welcome Note from Ms. Jessica, Youth Program Director and Instructor…



Thank you for your interest in our program! Dance is a wonderful activity and we love sharing our knowledge with the little ones (and big ones) of the world. We offer classes teaching you many different styles for children and adults of all ages! Our youngest students start at 18 months and our oldest students, well I’m sure they would prefer we not tell you their age. ;)

This is our 40th year of being in business in Russellville! Mrs. Joy opened up her first studio in 1978 and we have been going strong ever since. Some of our students have stuck around so long that we are able to enjoy teaching 4 generations of their family!!

We offer small class sizes because I want to get one on one time with the students as they need it. My goal is not to pack in as many kids as I can, it's to teach them to dance as well as teach them about the world of dance. All of my classes have a curriculum that is followed. Our studio teaches the French Method of ballet. Students begin to learn the proper French ballet terms from day one in a fun way so that it sticks with them. In tap dance we make music with our feet as we learn what each move is called so that they are building their dance vocabulary each week. Hip Hop is a little more relaxed, but there is still a basic structure to the class that involes dance movements on our feet, tricks on the floor, partnered moves/stunts, & isolations!

DWJ is a studio of entertainment arts. Our focus is on creating performances that are exciting to watch for the audience! Our recreational dance classes do not purchase costumes for performances. There is a uniform for each class that each family purchases when they come in to register. The students use this in class, as well as, when they perform. As your student outgrows their items you can purchase them indiviually from our studio. Depending on which classes you enroll in, the kids have multiple performance opportunities. Our goal is to teach the kids to have fun, dance well, and entertain their audience. :)

All of our classes, even the baby classes, are a drop off service. We do not have a separate waiting room for parents, so you will drop off the child then return at the end of class to pick them up just like school. There is a covered pavillion outside for you to sit in if you choose or you can go run errands without the kids! We do periodically offer open classes for the parents to come in and view what all the kids have been working on and of course, when they perform you will get to see them in action! Dropping the child off allows them to bond with their teacher, their fellow students, and not have the pressure (or distraction) of an “audience” of parents and siblings watching them as they learn. We have had great success with this and the children are more focused and well behaved in the studio and during performances.

We look forward to meeting with you and your child and hope that you choose to ‘Dance With Joy’!  We work by appointment only, so please give us a call or send an email to set up a registration appointment. If you have any questions please contact us at 479-968-1620 or email us at dancewithjoy@suddenlink.net

Thank You,

Jessica Russo

Youth Program Director/Instructor

Dance With Joy Enterprises, Inc. -- Established 1978  --  479-968-1620