Open Classes

Open Classes for Summer 2018: June 30 - August 3

Next week we will be holding open classes all week long. This is an opportunity for parents to come in and watch their child in action. This is NOT a performance. We will simply be doing our normal class while we have a small audience. To keep our audience small and still have enough room for the kids to dance, only two guests can attend per child. I know that other family members might be disappointed; however, there will be other performance opportunities in the fall/spring that they can attend for free. If you have small children, please make other arrangements for them during class time so that we do not have any extra distractions during our class time. It is difficult for little ones to sit still for that long.

Open classes always effect some children, especially the younger ones, so some may not take to having a group of strangers watching them when they are used to their closed studio environment! Please do not judge the behavior of the students based on this open class. I never how they will act! Some children will act the same regardless of their surroundings, others will be shy and not participate much, some will be more disruptive during class, some will not be able to quit running over to give hugs, and yes some of them will cry and refuse to let go of you. I ask that everyone follow a few rules to keep our studio clean, safe and our class time productive.

  • Everyone will have to remove their shoes before entering the studio. We need to keep dirt/debris and rocks off our dance floor, so it is clean and safe for all of our students.
  • Turn off or silence all cell phones upon entering the studio.
  • Take as many photos as you like! If you share them online, please tag Ms. Jessica or the studio!
  • Please do not carry on conversations while our class is in session. This is very disruptive.
  • If you must bring a younger sibling, they must sit with you the entire time. No children should be running around in the studio. If your child is disruptive or unable to stay in the seat with you we ask that you excuse yourself from the room and step outside please.
  • If your child needs to use the restroom during class time and needs help, please help me out by escorting them there so I can keep the class going.
  • Please do not come over to help the kids change shoes. We have the kids do this on their own during class and if they are unable, we will help them. It is an easy task and important they learn this skill, so we work on it!
  • If your child is in the 18 months to 3 year old classes and they are having a hard time leaving your side, you are welcome to come and join in our class to get them going.

I look forward to having you come and see your child’s progress! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank You,

Ms. Jessica

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