Party In The Park 2018

Party in the Park 2018


Dance With Joy Acrobats, Aerialists, Tumblers & Dancers will be performing inside the Hughes Center on Saturday, April 28th.

Our performance will begin at 11:00am and will be completed at 1:00pm. This is a two hour performance slot and is an important event for the kids. This is a practice performance before recital and it will really help them with being in front of an audience. All parents and performers should stay to watch the entire show support for your fellow dancers and your studio! All the kids and teachers have worked very hard and all the performers deserve to have a big audience to cheer them on.


Performers should arrive and check in with Ms. Jessica by 10:30am. There are no dressing rooms available at this performance. The kids will need to have a parent with them at all times and you will need to gather in the designated area before and during the show. Performers should arrive with hair/makeup done and their first outfit should be on. DO NOT PUT ON DANCE SHOES UNTIL YOU ARE INSIDE THE BUILDING! Please have the kids wear their DWJ Tshirt as a cover up over their leotard. I suggest putting a pair of leggings or cotton pants on over tights to prevent rips as well. 


Once the kids are done performing please walk around the park to visit the vendors and let your kids participate in some of the fun activities! 

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