Competitive Dance!



What is competitive dance?

Competitive dance is a sport where dancers perform choreographed routines on stage in front of a panel of judges. Dancers represent their studio and teachers on a regional and national level throughout the year. Dancers receive scores based on their technique, showmanship, style and execution, degree of difficulty, choreography, costume, and age appropriateness of the performance. Each soloist or group is awarded pins, trophies, plaques, cash, scholorships, invitations, and more based on their scores and competitive level. 



Should my child compete?

Does your child love to dance? Do they practice at home, get placed on the front row in dance class & remember their choreography? Do they enjoy getting up to perform their routines for anyone and everyone? If the answer is yes, then competition might be something your child will enjoy! A child who enjoys what they are doing is more likely to learn, grow and appreciate the lessons of hard work, discipline and teamwork that are requred and expected of a competitive dancer. If your child has a passion let them pursue it!


What classes are required?

At DWJ we require our competitive dancers to take ballet, tap & jazz technique classes and an additional class that is dedicated strictly to the team rehearsal at minimum. We strongly encourage them to also take hip hop, acrobatics, and aeral dance so that we are producing well rounded dancers who are able to perform any skill they are asked to for a choreography. Most of our dancers follow that advice. Dancers who would like to compete as a soloist will need to add an additional private lesson to their rehearsal schedule. Competitive dancers are required to attend classes multiple times a week and there may also be extra weekend rehearsals scheduled at times. The more your child is in the studio learning the quicker they progress. We want them to excel and also represent their studio well, so we expect our competitors to be dedicated.


What financial commitment will I be making?

Competitive dance is rarely described as a "cheap" activity, but what competitive activity is?? It is manageable for most families though. Parents who are organized and attentive are able to plan for any fees that are due well before the deadline. We give you a very detailed estimation of what fees will be due, what items are required, and when your payments are due before you signup. At the beginning of the season you will be provided with a competition/convention calendar and studio calendar with dates and fees listed.





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